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And so the ramble begins again. This is not a journey, merely a stroll, and a record of the things I see and think along the way. I don't have a destination in mind. I can only begin where I am at the moment and follow an undetermined, unpremeditated path commenting on what I find along the way. While the solitary stroll has its merits, I have a preference for good conversation. That's why I'm inviting you along. We'll share some stories along the way. Stories and some good beer in comfortable pubs. And, yes, a little fishing too.


The Age of Leisure

On the surface, brewing beer from scratch (starting with the uncrushed grains, a process commonly called all-grain brewing) appears to be a lot of work. From start to finish the process takes between six and eight hours depending on several adjustable factors like how fast can you heat a large volume of water, length of mash and boil, whether you run into problems, and how easy it is to clean the brewing system once you're done. Why spend an eight hour day ``working'' on the weekend when you could just be lying about doing nothing?


On the Road

Most of us think that we can't stop working now. If we don't work, how do we maintain our lifestyle? Well, that's the point, you don't. You choose a new lifestyle that is freer and less dependent on that market economy that is supposed to be so good for us. Give up your Security and trade it in for Power.


Short Fiction

  1. Catch Bull at Eight by Patrick Wood
  2. A Prayer to the Gods of Fishing Dogs by Rosanne Griffeth
  3. Where Water Flows by Andrew Reilly

Catch & Release

  1. This is U by Russell Bittner